How to keep my Dog Clean during “Muddy Spring Walks”

  • Essential Coats
    There is a wide range of dog clothing designed to keep your pooch dry and clean on the market but sometimes it’s a mine field searching through them all, with all different sizes and not knowing if they will suit & fit your dog.
    This is were we come in perfectly…. our trained advisors will help you measure up your dog and find the perfect fit of coat for them. Taking all the stress out of wondering if your dog’s new coat fits?
    Waterproof Trouser Suits, Fleeces, 2in1 Removable fleece Coats and Jumpers are to name a few of the different products that we stock.

  • Stock up on Pet Wipes/Rub down Wipes
    After an adventure in the garden or muddy walk, these are perfect for removing any dirt or loose hair, leaving the coat clean and smelling fresh.
  • Hose Down
    Most dogs enjoy a hose down with luke warm water especially to keep those feet clean.
  • “Trap it!”
    A few well positioned door mats will save time on floor washing. There are various products on the market including mats that trap dirt, dust and mud. Some are antibacterial and washable at 30 degrees and are available in lots of fabulous colours and designs.

  • In the Bag!
    This is a zip up towel that is designed to dry and clean your dog after wet and muddy walks. Once the zip is closed to the neck, the drying process begins. The heat from your dogs body speeds up the drying process and any movement helps to clean off mud and dirt.
  • And finally Bedtime zzz
    Waterproof mats, cushions and beds are ideal for the backs of cars, crates or utility rooms. Vetbed is a relatively inexpensive but very effective product for helping to dry dogs off. It is available in a variety of colours, it is often washable and easy to cut into different sizes.