Making the switch onto Raw Food.

Switching onto a raw diet raises many questions. To make it all go smoothly we are addressing a few of these.

Switching to raw doesn’t need to be difficult but how to go about it can make such a big difference. Each company slightly differs. Some will advise on making the switch straight away, starting in a morning others say to build up over a period of days. Speaking to one of our advisors will set your mind at ease. If you are for some reason combining processed foods with raw keep them in separate meals.

Keep it simple! Introduce new meats gradually, don’t try too much too soon.

Q1, There is no crunch to the food, how will it keep my dogs teeth clean?

Raw also doesn’t stick to the teeth like starchy processed food does (the cause of much tarter & teeth issues) Some products contain finely ground bone and this acts like a scourer in removing any built up plaque. Eventually start to introduce Meaty bones.

Q2, My Dog is being sick….

Some dogs who really take to raw food become gobblers, eating their food faster than before and then can regurgitate the food as it has gone down too quickly. Try to slow your dog down by using a Slow Feeder.

Q3, When can I move my pup off of puppy food.

This does again depend on which product but usually as long as you are still feeding at puppy rations until they are fully grown you can switch onto adult formula. Our advisors will be able to talk you through this.

Q4, Should I feed kibble as well as raw food?

If you choose a raw food that is complete, there is no reason to feed anything else. Both feeds are digested at different speeds, which in turn could compromise your pets digestive health. If feeding a high carb kibble alongside a high protein diet this could lead to obesity.

Q5, My Dog has numerous allergies, can I feed Raw?

Feeding a human grade, unprocessed, single protein, grain free diet can benefit many dogs. Promotes good digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis & runny stools. Many pets suffer with severe itching all their lives and will then be treated with antibiotics and steroids, when a cure may be as simple as switching feeds.

Q6, How long will it keep once defrosted?

Keeping refrigerated, use within 2-3 days of defrosting.


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