Seeking help & advice on looking after your cat?

Whether you’ve recently adopted your pet or you’d like to learn more about caring for them. Our team, here at The Pet Store, will be able to help from feeding the most fussiest of cats to keeping kittens content.

Ensuring that your cat has a nutritious diet will keep him/her healthy & happy. Unlike dogs, cats can be very fussy eaters that will likely grow very fond of particular foods. We have a vast range of wet & dry feeds plus treats, our advisors will be able to point you in the right direction of ones that will suit.

We all know how much our cats love their creature comforts and nothing more so than a cosy, comfortable bed to lay in. We offer a wide selection of cat beds to keep them happy throughout the year, including igloos, radiator beds and heat mats.

We are the one stop place for all your cats supplies.